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Data reconciliation for WTW



Financial regulation could become a major headache for insurance companies, which are obliged to comply with all the norms and legislation, if they want to avoid facing fines from the Financial Conduct Authorities. Algorath has developed, for WTW, an ETL process which integrates data from multiple sources (transactional broking dates, cash management and ERP applications) allowing WTW finance departments to validate and comply with some of the financial legislation required by the FCA, using as a primary tool QlikView.


Data reconciliation

ETL process

Web application for age verification tool created by Yoti

Digital Identity

Human faces have become a key to access valuable private information kept in smartphones, laptops and other devices. For that reason, Yoti developed an AI algorithm which has the ability to determine if a face in a photograph or image is real and estimate the age. Algorath deployed a development team to the R+D department of Yoti, responsible for the interface between users and the AI and developed tools for training the AI and improving the hit rate of the model.

Web application

AI Training

Artificial Intelligence

Data management for Imserso

Employment office

The analogical process of work contract management previously employed by Imserso resulted in plenty of errors, loss of information and duplicated files. After a thorough analysis, Algorath investigated various options to enhance their process of work contract management and increase the efficiency of the department dedicated to this job.

As a result, Algorath developed a digital platform that integrates Imserso’s manual workflow into a web-based software platform. Now, candidates and contracts are managed efficiently, preventing losses of information and reducing the time spent assigning contracts.

Contracts management

Web application

Process efficiency

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