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Face ID verification for YOTI


Digital Identity


United Kingdom


Since 2018


About our client

Yoti is a global identity company based in the UK with a free consumer app that provides people with a safe, secure, and simple way to create and manage their digital identity.


The R+D department from Yoti is working on possible add-ons to improve their main product, using cutting-edge technologies. One of these complementary products is based on facial recognition and age estimation. Yoti requested Algorath to place a development team within their R+D department, to help to develop a platform for face recognition technology and complementary developments to this platform.


Age verification tool

Algorath collaborates with Yoti to create a facial recognition web application that enables interaction between users and the Artificial Intelligence model in charge of estimating age and ensuring that the face is real. Additionally, Algorath developers improved the image quality sent to the AI model and created a tool to test the model, improving the success rate and accuracy of the estimations.

During this development process, Algorath’s team developed a layer between the AI models and users, really important expertise taking into account the AI wave which is coming in the tech area.


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