Case studies

Data management for Imserso


Employment office


Melilla, Spain




About our client

IMSERSO is the acronym for the Institute of Seniors and Social Services, a Spanish government agency mainly responsible for managing Social Security benefits related to disability and retirement.

In this case, Algorath has worked with the department responsible for conducting the selection process for hiring temporary staff in various professional categories and territorial areas


IMSERSO workers managed the hiring of their professionals in the work centres manually, giving rise to a tedious process in which information could be lost due to errors in communication and organisation.


Personalised process digitalization

Through a communicative process and continuous analysis of the client’s needs, Algorath developed a digital platform for contract management, ensuring that professionals could be efficiently managed. The web service deployed inside the client’s intranet allows employees to visualise the list of contracts, and the candidates to be assigned for each one, facilitating the process and ensuring that no data losses are produced during the contract assignment.


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