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Blockchain technology improves transparency and efficiency across your whole organisation and partners ecosystem. Get ready for the next generation of information technology with Algorath.

Future technology
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Based on these three properties, blockchain technology allows you to create transparent transactions, being sure that information is accurate and your real identity is protected.

Fast and global

Monetary transactions, information or identity check in a few seconds. As part of a blockchain, all downloaders are also uploaders, so information is going faster from one node to another, with no single point of failures.


Our lives are surrounded by networks, however most of them are centralised, where power settles in hands of a few. Blockchain technology offers an alternative decentralised structure, in order to distribute benefits to the many.

Guaranteed security

As an open network, how does technology secure your information? It uses hash or codes for each node. For that reason, only the parties will know who is behind a node and only necessary information.

How can Blockchain be used?

The system is so big, promising and versatile, it could be implemented wherever you want. Many firms start to implement technology on their usual projects, like hospitals or governments.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, EOS, LiteCoin


Massachusetts General Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital

Identity issues

United Kingdom, United States, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia

Smart contracts

PolySwarm, Fizzy AXA, Share&Charge, Propy
A case of successful implementation

Yoti and Algorath develop ID system for governments with Blockchain

Through this technology called Hashgraph, it is possible to establish virtual citizen IDs.

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